DIY DJI Mavic Air 2 Bike Mount

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DIY Drone Bike Mount

I’ve got this thing for drones. And as you all know by now; I’ve also got this thing for bikes. So how do I combine the two? Or in other words; where do I put the drone controller when I am on the bike trying to shoot epic videos of myself?

There are of course bike mounts available out there for you to buy. Most of them, however, seem to target bikes, not motorbikes. I.e. many of these fail to clamp on to thick motorbike handlebars. And the best of them seems to be quite expensive as well.

I decided to to build one for myself. It is far from perfect, but perhaps it could inspire some of you to do your own DIY project. Follow along please!

The ingredients
These are the ingredients in my DIY Bike Mount project.

As you might already have seen from my previous mods, I replace the original mirrors with the Rottweiler Performance Quick Flip Arrow mirrors. This left me with two empty M10 mirror mounts that I soon realized could be utilized for something else. For example a drone bike mount. My ingredients for this project was a cut-out from a ring binder and a left over RAM Mounts Round Plate with B-size Ball.

Gaffer tape
I used gaffer tape to wrap the plate.

I cut a section of the ring binder and wrapped it using gaffer tape. That should help to some extent to keep moisture out make it last a while longer.

Cut holes and attach
I then cut holes and attached the RAM.

I drilled a hole in the plate at attached the RAM ball with a nut. It is held firmly in place.

I used a short strap with to fix the controller to the plate.

I attached a small piece of velcro both on the controller and on a small strap I used to fix the controller firmly to the mount. It should hold it firmly in place.

I think this should work out quite nice actually.
With the RAM Mount it is a good and solid fit.
After a quick UAT I found that the controller works best on the left side of the handlebar – for obvious reasons.

A more detailed review about this solution and how it worked out for me will come. Follow me on Instagram and on this blog for more info.

6 Replies to “DIY DJI Mavic Air 2 Bike Mount”

  1. Hi , thanks for all the tips and advice I really enjoy them, im wondering if there a mavic 2 Mount on the market ready to use ?

    1. Hi Ed! There sure is, however, this one was free of charge💰, delivered within the hour, and suits my needs perfectly. Not to mention the feeling of DIY👌

  2. I put my phone in a regular phone holder on my steer . The controller on my tankbag with a tie and connection via a 1 m USB cable . Works perfect for me . Controller/phone assy isn’t it a bit heavy on the ram mount ?

  3. Thanks for your comment, Roland. I tried the tankbag and tie myself, worked just fine. The controller worked OK as well, but needs some improvements for my next ride. Also, I need it installed on the left side, I soon figured out 🙂

  4. man, you are amazing, I loved the way you made this adaptation. I’ll make one, thanks.

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