Best boots so far – REV’IT! Discovery H2O

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REV'IT Discovery H2O

As an adventure rider, you typically seek adventure boots to fit your riding style. While many of us sure dream of Dakar style riding like Pål Anders Ullevålseter and his like, most of us are more likely to adapt to less aggressive boots which allow you to enjoy both the riding, the coffee breaks and the walking tours.

This is what many dream of – Dakar style riding like Pål Anders Ullevålseter

I’ve had quite a few different riding boots over the years, and as soon as I became aware of them, I was eager to try out the new REV’IT! Discovery H20. They may seem like ordinary boots, but what’s make them stand out is the ingenious BOA closure system.

REV'IT Discovery H2O
REV’IT Discovery H2O

The Discovery H2O boots are designed for motorcyclists who need the stability and safety of off-road boots, the features and user-friendliness of a tour boot and the comfort of a trekking boot. The Vibram® Apex Sole provides grip, stability and control, and the added multi density EVA layer absorbs shock while the anatomic foot bed makes the boot extremely comfortable. The clever Boa closure significantly reduces the weight of the boot and makes for a perfect fit with the simple turn of a knob. The laminated hydratex®|Sphere membrane keeps feet dry and the reinforced areas offer topnotch protection without making any concessions to comfort. Sizes 38-47

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Perfect fit
REV’IT! Discovery H2O is a perfect fit for my foot and my riding style

I am a size 45/46 EU, however, I ended up buying the REV’IT! Discovery H2O in size 47 EU. They are a bit on the roomy side, but then again, with an extra pair of socks these boots keep me warm and comfortable even on rainy and chill days. I haven’t been on any extensive trekking, and indeed if that’s your adventure, there are far better alternatives for such use out there. I would argue though that these are the most comfortable boots I’ve owned so far!

Looks good and works great
The REV’IT! Discovery H2O looks good and works great too

I was not even slightly skeptical to the BOA closure system, and after wearing these boots for quite a while now, I doubt I will ever go back to retention buckles or any other system. This works great, it is quick and easy, reliable and allows for quick loosening and tightening.

And best thing of all; it says ES on the toe box outsole. My initials are ES. It’s made for me!

BTW: Who knows what ES means on all the REV’IT! boots?

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