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Needing more power – i.e. 12V power – I decided to swap the original DIN socket for a Dual USB plug from Nippy Normans.

Dual USB vs. DIN-plug.

I have the original BMW charger, however, I am not overly happy with it. Thus, I considered the value of dual USB vs. the DIN-plug, and opted for the USB.

The original DIN-plug.

Through this originally fitted DIN socket, the option to charge via the bike’s CanBus is an excellent option, however, I will do wiring in order to charge directly on the battery instead. More on that in a later post.

Dual USB Plug fitted and ready to charge.

Facts about the Dual USB (from Nippy Normans)

Based on long years of experience and customer feedback we developed this Dual USB socket for BMW motorcycles.

All modern BMW bikes come equipped with a lighter like socket to power accessories. These sockets are named DIN sockets. However, most customers either do not use them, or, in the need for USB to charge their mobile phones, cameras, GPS or intercom,
choose adapters to plug into those sockets.

Until now all USB chargers for motorcycles come equipped with a cover, but how to protect them while on the move under rain or dust?

The Dual USB socket solves these problems with following unique features:

BMW Plug-and-Play: the unit is designed in a way to fit the DIN socket installation physically and electrically. This means an easy and practical way to replace the origin DIN socket, by simply unplugging the connector from bike’s cable harness, unscrew the nut and install the USB dual charger in the same place and same connector. No soldering or costly specialized technician intervention needed. The final result is a nice and seamless installation.

Weatherproof USB ports: when a USB plug is inserted it becomes isolated from rain and dust, due to specially designed rubber membranes. One needs this type of device to use on the move, and not to be protected only when closed! 

Independent covers: The Dual USB socket features two covers for the USB ports. If only one is in use the other is closed and protected. The covers are designed to be easily removed and closed with gloves.

Product specifications:

  • Input voltage: 10 to 40 V
  • Output voltage (USB ports): 5 V +/- 5%
  • Output overvoltage, overheating and short-circuit protection
  • Fully Can Bus compatible
  • Total 3.3 Amp output, with current limiters per port (master port 1: 2.3 A / Aux port 2: 1.0 A)
  • Intelligent device recognition: detects if Apple (meets MFi standard) or Android (BC1.2).
  • Independent port rubber covers
  • Plug compatible with BMW motorcycle DIN socket installation

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