Upgrading Cardo Packtalk with Koss Porta Pro Speakers

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I’ve been having trouble with my Scala Packtalk Duo lately. Even though I’ve been a happy Scala Packtalk user for about three years already, this season started badly with communication between rider and passenger not working properly. I – the rider – could not be heard by the passenger. The other way seemed to work fine. I’ve explored every feature of the app, reset both Packtalks, and even checked prices on the new Scala Packtalk Bold. Needless to say, I’ve been furious.

In the end I found that a connection between the boom microphone and the unit on my helmet was malfunctioning, causing my voice to break or not be heard at all. I planned to rewire the whole helmet after managing to fix the cables (for now at least), and while I’m at it, why not upgrade the speakers?

The JBL speakers available from Scala as an upgrade is a whopping NOK 1100. I am not particulary unhappy with the stock speakers, however, I know there is a cheaper option – and perhaps just as good? The Koss Porta Pro headset is a classic, renowned for quality vs. cost, i.e. good quality headphones for a cheap price.

Scala Packtalk getting fit with new speakers from Koss.
Scala Packtalk getting fit with new speakers from Koss.

At the local Clas Ohlson these retail for NOK 299. Is it worth the upgrade, or would the stock speakers suffice? Only time will tell. Non the less, here is how I did the upgrade.

Koss Porta Pro speakers vs. the stock Scala speakers.

Obvisously the Koss speakers needed to come loose from the headset itself.

The original Scala speakers to the left and the Koss speakers to the right. The Koss speakers are quite a bit larger, and perfectly round in shape, whereas the Scala speakers are somewhat oval.

Width of Scala speakers.

I measured both set of speakers in terms of their debth, and I was positively surprised to fund that the Koss speakers were actually 0.81 mm thinner.

Width of Koss speakers.

Next up the wiring. With the 3.5 mm jack plug you cannot go wrong, but make sure you know which speaker is for left and right mounting. This can easily be testet by plugging the speakers into your PC or stereo, and adjust balance. Also ensure that the a placement of cables within the helmet is well thought through for best end results.

Proper and clean wiring makes the end result so much better.

Once all this is done it is simply a matter of putting the pieces back into your helpet, ensuring the lining, pads etc. are placed properly. So far I am really happy with the result, and my Caberg Tourmax helmet will last a bit longer – refitted with new Koss Porta Pro speakers for only NOK 299!

Finished and happy with the final outcome.

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  1. Hi there, and nice job! 😀
    I´m about to do the same, and wonders how you attached the speakers inside the helmet?


    1. Hi Patrik, in my helmet there was a casted deepening in the helmet in which the speakers aligned quite good. Other than that, I did not make any other changes to the helmet in order to attach the speakers. Good luck on your project, and please share your experience if you’d like. -Edgar

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