Short Weekend Trip – Finally!

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Due to the public holiday in Norway on Thursday May 30th, I checked the weather and decided to take my bike for a short spin. I did some initial planning, mostly aiming to avoid rain, and ended up doing a mix of paved and gravel roads in a part of the country – not far from where I live – however, yet unexplored to me. Here is what my route ended up being.

My GS Adventure on May 30-31st 2019.

In short I drove off from home in Sandnes along E39 to Ben’s Cafe, and then via Gyadalen to Tonstad. From here I aimed towards Evje, making a few additional bends pursuing gravel. After eating dinner in Evje, I went south towards Lillesand, camping for the night near Birkenes. Friday i stopped by the BMW Motorrad dealer in Kristiansand, before embarking on the returntrip inlands via Vennesla, through Lindesnes, via Farsund and back home.

I wanted to enjoy this ride, and not get from A to B in the shortest time, and I used the Cappelen Damm Motorcycle map for the initial planning. You’ll see that much of my route overlaps with the recommended roads from Cappelen. I highly recommended this map – a brand new 2019 version was just released.

Cappelen Damm Motorcycle Map 2019.

Here are a few photos from my trip.

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