Vårsleppet 2014

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For the 24th time, Jæren MC again threw a party for all bikers in the Stavanger region on May 1st when the traditional and possibly largest motorcycle gathering in Norway took place. Approximately 1500 bikers are believed to have taken part in the ride going from Bryne, via Sandnes and Stavanger, to Egersund and back to Bryne.

This year, equipped with both my two GoPro HD Hero 3, I was well set up to document the ride both forward (on my helmet) and backward (on my top case). The shot of the day was most definitely a well documented crash by a wheely idiot right behind me. With thousands of people along the road, and 1500 fellow bikers on the road, 1st of May is a terribly wrong day for wheely training! 🙂

Enjoy more of my photos on the Photos page!





Shot of the day! Wheely crash.

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