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Michelin Anakee 2 - Brand new!

After riding the brilliant Continental TKC 80 tires for 13 months, 22nd of June 2012 it was finally time to switch to a new set of rubber on the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure. A year ago, I opted for the TKC 80 mainly because I was attending Adventure Days 2011 in Sweden where I would be doing a lot of off-road riding. The switch from factory fit road tires to the TKC 80 was a noticeable one, for sure. The obvious difference is the lack of grip and increased breaking distance, but of you study the tires, that should not come as a surprise to you!

Continental TKC 80 - After 13 months
Continental TKC 80 – After 13 months


Continental TKC 80 - After 13 months
Continental TKC 80 – After 13 months

One year of riding, 99% of which on paved roads, was enough for the TKC 80 rear tire, and it had to come off. I decided to try a new type, and after browsing the web for some good input, I came across the MICHELIN Anakee 2 which was recommended by many as a dual-purpose tire perfectly fit for the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure bike. Big thanks to the excellent team at Dekkmann Stavanger for their great service and affordable pricing (NOK 3.112,-)) of these tires compared to Stahlen MC (NOK 4.800,-). I have ridden the bike with the new tires for a couple of days now, back and forth to work, and I definitely love this setup. The grip is noticeable improved, and only now do I realize how “unstable” the TKC 80 actually felt on normal, paved roads.

MICHELIN Anakee 2 - Brand new!
MICHELIN Anakee 2 – Brand new!
MICHELIN Anakee 2 - Ready to go on the bike
MICHELIN Anakee 2 – Ready to go on the bike
MICHELIN Anakee 2 - Dual purpose tire
MICHELIN Anakee 2 – Dual purpose tire

Tomorrow (June 27th) I will be taking off for the summer’s first lengthy ride, packing my tent and sleeping bag and see where my GS Adventure leads me. With this new set of tires, I feel ready for anything; wet, slippery roads, high speed and take-overs, easy cruising – and the optional off-road adventure!

Please stay tuned to this website for further updates and reviews after more miles of riding experiences.

A taste for adventure?

Well, time will show. At least this is what the Michelin website promises:

No need to choose between grip and durability: MICHELIN Anakee 2 delivers both, with a minimum tyre life gain of 29% over its direct rivals for the same standard of grip performance in the wet! Michelin has achieved this by incorporating ingredients until now only used in the world of competition.

Product Benefits:

  • 29% longer tread life 1
  • No compromise on wet grip
  • Genuine competiton technology

For more details, see: http://www.michelin.co.uk/motorcycles/michelin-anakee-2

3 Replies to “MICHELIN Anakee 2”

  1. Hi Edgar. It’s a pity you haven’t read the last test in Motorrad, where Dunlop TR91 got a top rating. I changed from Tourance EXP to TR91 just ahead of our journey to Andøya and Lofoten, have now more than 4000km “experience”. Super tires. Can e-mail you the report if you like.

  2. Thanks for your comments Svein! I’ definitely consider Dunlop TR91 for my next set of tires – however, I am also very happy with the Michelin Anakee 2! 🙂

  3. I “had to” go Michelin myself today. The TR91 is too expencive. Payed 2860 for A2, list price from the importer is 2657.- but add environmental tax and sometning for the job.

    But the TR91 is a wonderful tire!

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