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I really look forward to this year’s motorcycle season, and while waiting for the last remains of winter to go away, I have placed a few orders at Touratech Nordic in Sweden and Nippy Normans in the UK. I can’t wait to put a personal touch on my bike as soon as these parts arrived.

Touratech Nordic (Sweden)

About Touratech Nordic: “Touratech Nordic is the sole distributor for Touratech products in the Nordic countries – Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.

David Johansson, owner of Touratech Nordic, came across Touratech products for the first time in 2002. It was in this year that David drove a Honda Africa Twin from Sweden to South Africa, a journey of 5 months and 25000 kilometres (you can read more about the trip here). Right from the start David had been impressed with the quality and fit of Touratech products, and when the equipment mounted on his bike passed the tough journey through Africa, he decided to take things one step further.

In 2005, David started Touratech Sweden and supplied during the first few years only the Swedish and part of the Norwegian market. However, on 1 January 2009, just over 3 years later, Touratech Nordic was born.

Nowadays, Touratech Nordic is still located in Lidköping, Sweden, but our shop has been extensively refurbished. We now have more demo bikes, a larger stockroom and even our very own workshop.”

Through its close collaboration with BMW Motorrad, Touratech parts are “a natural extention” to the already brilliant functionality of BMW motorcycles. You can “shop till you drop” at Touratech, and I plan to pay them a visit next time I am in Sweden. Nevertheless, here is my most recent order with Touratech:

  • 01-068-0006-0 RAM mount camera adapter
  • 01-068-0236-0 RAM hex ball for M8 screws
  • 01-044-0750-0 Windscreen spoiler
  • 01-044-3000-0 ABS sensor protection, front
  • 01-044-3020-0 ESA sensor protection (set)
  • 01-044-0328-0 Headlight Protector and Anti-glare shield set
  • 01-044-3012-0 Manifold exhaust flap protection
  • 01-044-0404-0 Petrol Line Protection (pair)
  • 01-044-0640-0 Protection for rear brake cylinder
  • 01-044-0730-0 Throttle potentiometer cover
  • 01-055-0164-0 Dry Bag Q Ortlieb (roll down) M (31 l) yellow
  • 01-044-0455-0 Brake fluid reservoir cover rear

I was very pleased with the service at Touratech when they contacted me promptly to inform me that one of the parts I had ordered would not fit my bike (the Petrol Line Protector), and to ask me whether I would swap it for another product or have the item deducted from my order. Thank you Touratech!

I will get back with more info and pictures as soon as the parts have arrived.

Visit Touratech Nordic: http://www.touratech.se/

Nippy Normans (UK)

About Nippy Normans: “With over 30 years of experience in the mail order AND in the motorcycle market business we have the ability to offer you the best products for your bike delivered quickly and at the best prices. The majority of our products are exclusive to us including Wunderlich, MachineArt, AltRider and MotoLED. We have also developed exclusive products under the Nippy Normans name such as risers, GPS leads, huggers, screens, sidestand extenders and many more really useful products.”

This is the second time I have done business with Nippy Normans (see this post), and I am very pleased with both their products and the service they offer. Although this time I placed my biggest order with Touratech, I did some “window shopping” to look for particular products not offered by Touratech. In the future I might very well end up doing more of my shopping from the UK.

My most recent order with Nippy Normans:

  • REYNO RADIATOR GRILL – R1200GS/Adv (2010 on)
  • Wunderlich adventure bike catalogue – F800GS, R1200GS


Visit Nippy Normans: http://www.nippynormans.com/


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