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This is a short video I put together after taking my bike for a spin on a beautiful and sunny Sunday. Check out the Video page for more videos. The video was shot using the GoPro HD HERO2 action camera mounted on the left side of the bike and on top of the top box […]

While visiting Bikerstreet, the largest motorbike dealership in Norway,  on Saturday 12th November, I came across a GS Adventure bike that was in for service which had  a brilliant, small aluminum accessory case I had not seen before. It fit the bike perfectly, looked great and seemed quite convenient, so I decided I had to […]

Since buying the GoPro HD HERO action cam this summer, I’ve become an addicted fan. This camera has also revitalized my former interest in video editing. The one and only drawback I can possibly think of about the GoPro HD HERO camera, is that it was recently replaced by the twice as impressive GoPro HD […]

I just bought a GoPro Motorsports HERO HD action camera, and today I took it for a spin on my first test ride before this weekend’s adventure trip. More videos will be added soon, here’s what I got for you for now.

Inspired by a presentation from Garmin at Adventure Days 2011, I ended up buying a Garmin zumo 660 GPS device for my motorcycle. After having used miscellaneous TomTom devices and software for many years, I was more or less reluctant to make the change to Garmin. Here are my experiences so far. The purchase Compared […]