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Note: This particular post is part of a series of posts related to the Modifications I have done to my bike. In preparation for the forthcoming GS adventures of the summer, today I made a significant change to my motorcycle by going Continental – changing to the Continental TKC 80 Enduro motorcycle tires. I will […]

Early in April this year I started a significant modifications project to add a personal touch to my GS Adventure. Today I added a new Modifications page to my website where I’ll keep an overview of all modifications I carry out on my bike. I am in the process of adding images and provided details […]

While all of us seem to be more than happy with BMW when it comes to the bike itself, equally many seem to be annoyed by the limited set of tools that come with the bike. In his great GlobeRiders DVD, BMW R1200GS Adventure Touring Instructional DVD, legendary Helge Pedersen shares his experiences and quite […]