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The order I placed at Nippy Normans on March 19th has arrived! I went straight from work to pick it up at the post office today, and I can’t wait until the weekend is here to finally do some “upgrades”. I’ll post more info and photos later; here is just a teaser:  

Preparing for the Touratech and Nippy Normans parts to arrive, I have bought a torx toolkit from Biltema. It is a 38-part kit which seem to be of reasonable quality, given that it is only NOK 299. It adds to the limited set of tools provided by BMW. Note that the wrench itself was […]

I really look forward to this year’s motorcycle season, and while waiting for the last remains of winter to go away, I have placed a few orders at Touratech Nordic in Sweden and Nippy Normans in the UK. I can’t wait to put a personal touch on my bike as soon as these parts arrived. […]

The season has started

Posted: 6th March 2011 by Edgar in Adventure Photos, Adventure Travel

Today I woke up to a beautiful, sunny Sunday and I decided that the wait is finally over; the season has started! The motorcycle season in this part of Norway is rather long – I know people who ride their bike throughout the whole year. I’m not one of them, but I eagerly await the […]